Pravidelně tancujeme každý čtvrtek od 19:00 do 22:00
We dance regularly on Thursdays from 7pm till 10pm

Join us on Thursdays from 7 till 10pm.

18. 1. 2015
MACHOL Czechia 2015 will take place from 22nd till 26th July 2015.
16. 9. 2014
Regular dance sessions start on 2nd October - every Thursday from 7 till 10 pm, basic school Jiriho z Podebrad, Prague.
2. 1. 2014
MACHOL Czechia 2014 will take place from 23rd till 27th July 2014.
3. 9. 2013
Regular dance sessions start on 3rd October - every Thursday from 7 till 10 pm, basic school Jiriho z Podebrad, Prague.
14. 7. 2013
First pictures from MACHOL Czechia 2013!

Machol Czechia

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MACHOL Czechia 2019

MACHOL Czechia is an international seminar with teachers from Israel. It is unique by its family atmosphere where there is the limit of participants so it is possible to remember and know more personally each other. Our aim is to bring together people from different countries, Jews and non-Jews, younger and older and trough dance to make possibility get known and understand each other. It is important for us to have fun and enjoy the time being together and that is why we invite really good and professional teachers.


MACHOL Czechia will be held from Wednesday 24th till Sunday 28th July 2019.


this year the topic of the seminar will be "Unity in variety". And our team of teachers will varied too! We are happy to have Boaz COHEN, Eyal Ozeri, Gidi EIKO, Michal BACHAR and Yaron BEN-SIMCHON coming!


MACHOL Czechia will take place in the town of Kralupy nad Vltavou - close to Prague.


accommodation is in a hotel in 2-bed rooms with a bathroom and toilet each.


is served three times a day, breakfast in form of a buffet, lunch and dinner in hotel restaurant. There are hot beverages and cookies available during dance sessions. We are not able to provide kosher food, but we keep basic rools (no pork, not mixing meat with milk etc.).


there is spacious main gym with wooden floor just next to the hotel and another hall in the hotel for special lessons.

Variety in dances

We make sure the experience of Israeli dances will be complete - we will learn much more than new and older dances, circle, couple and line dances... There will be also special lessons (to be specified later)... And also truly very advanced lesson! We make sure dancers of all levels enjoy themselves.


Seminar fee:

  • Standard fee 300 EUR
  • Early registration (till 5th May 2019) 280 EUR
  • Last year participants 260 EUR

  • Discount for participants from Eastern Europe 30 EUR from above mentioned fees.

The fee includes full board, refreshment during dance sessions, tuition, T-shirt, music and videos of taught dances, a lot of fun and more.

For your convenience you do not have to transfer the payment in advance, you can pay cash by your arrival to MACHOL Czechia :-)

As the number of places is limited, please register soon.

Look forward to dance with you in one circle!

We would like to thank to the Jewish Community of Prague, JHF and NFOH for support!