Pravidelně tancujeme každý čtvrtek od 19:00 do 22:00
We dance regularly on Thursdays from 7pm till 10pm

Join us every Thursday from 7 till 10pm.

20. 12. 2016
MACHOL Czechia 2017 dates - June 28 till July 2 2017.
5. 9. 2016
Regular dance sessions start on 22nd September - every Thursday from 7 till 10 pm, basic school Jiriho z Podebrad, Prague.
16. 5. 2016
Dance marathon - Prague, 25 June 2016. Further information on Facebook.
15. 5. 2016
Festival Days of Jerusalem will include workshop of Israeli folk dances - Prague, 29 May 2016. Web site of the festival.
18. 1. 2016
MACHOL Czechia 2016 - an international seminar of Israeli folk dances will take place from 10th till 14th August 2016.


Machol Czechia

MACHOL Czechia 2017 - 28th June till 2nd July

MACHOL Czechia is an international seminar with teachers from Israel. It is unique by its family atmosphere where there is the limit of participants around 100 so it is possible to remember and know more personally each other. Our aim is to bring together people from different countries, Jews and non-Jews, younger and older and trough dance to make possibility get known and understand each other. It is important for us to have fun and enjoy the time being together and that is why we invite really good and professional teachers.

Registration 2017

Registration form available here

(Please note we are obliged to provide passport number of participants to the provider of accommodation - please prepare it before you start to fill in the form.)


  • Standard fee 280 EUR
  • Early registration (till 9th June 2017) 260 EUR
  • Last year participants 240 EUR

  • Discount for participants from Eastern Europe 30 EUR from above mentioned fees.

The fee includes full board, refreshment during dance sessions, tuition, T-shirt, music and videos of taught dances, bus from Nymburk train station, a lot of fun and more.

For your convenience you do not have to transfer the payment in advance, you can pay cash by your arrival to MACHOL Czechia :-)

Pre-MACHOL dance session in Prague - save the date 27th June 2017!


MACHOL Czechia 2017 will take place in the town of Nymburk. This small town with a nice old center as well as a former synagogue building is just 60 kilometers far from Prague. We will stay in a sport center compound, which includes gyms, accommodation, dining room, swimming pool, Wi-Fi Internet access etc. It is a nice quiet place on a shore of the river just about 20 minutes' walk to the city center.


accommodation is in 2-bed rooms with a bathroom and toilet each (completely renewed recently).


is served three times a day, breakfast in form of a buffet, lunch and dinner in form of self-service cafeteria with selection from 3 main courses. There are hot beverages and cookies available during dance sessions.


there are two gyms - air-conditioned spacious main gym and another one for special lessons (both with wooden floor).

Schedule great for advanced dancers!

We make sure the experience of Israeli dances will be complete - we will learn much more than new and older dances, circle, couple and line dances... There will be also special lessons (to be specified later)... And also truly very advanced lesson!
You won't find better camp for advanced dancers anywhere else!

Swimming pool

On Saturday morning the swimming pool will be fully booked just for us.


Our main teacher is Boaz Cohen. He was born in Jerusalem; he started to dance Israeli folk dances during studies at secondary school. He received his Bachelors degree in international relations and South American Studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Since 1987, Boaz has been leading courses in Israeli dances. His courses in Jerusalem as well as other places are popular among dancers of all ages.

With Boaz we will have Gidi Eiko and Eyal Ozeri again. And for the first time to MACHOL Czechia Eran Bitton. Eran is well known teacher and choreographer in Israel. He comes from younger generation of teachers. Some of his own dance choreographies: Sofrim Et Hakupa (circle, 2009), Achla Chamuda (line, 2011), Mehapecha Shel Simcha (circle, 2014)...


Participants can travel by car (map available on request) or come to the town of Nymburk (train, bus), from where a special bus will take them to the place. We organize a meeting in Prague from where all participants can travel together.

MACHOL Czechia 2017 is financially supported by The Dutch Jewish Humanitarian Fund, The Jewish Community of Prague and The Israeli Embassy in Prague.